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SignTasTic! The Game Show was made for everyone!
Whether you know ASL or not, this show was made for you. 

The video below teaches the signs used in Episode 101:
"Every Language Matters"
Tune in every week to play along with the
contestants in a new episode with new signs!


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Follow along as our host Dan Cook and The SignTasTic! Squad teach you signs from this week's episode. The video below teaches the 50 signs used in Episode 101 "Every Language Matters". 

You can learn every episode's 50 signs by scanning the QR Code displayed before each episode.

Deaf talent like Dan Cook, Roxie Dummett, Dack Virnig,
and MJ Shahen will showcase the signs for this episode.

Quick Reference Sign Guide

Learn more about Deaf culture and American Sign Language from Co-Host and certified ASL Interpreter, Heather Gray, as she dishes a little knowledge in the video below.

Tune in each week for a new Hot Tip from Heather. 

Heather's Hot Tip for this week is " Learning ASL."


New Episodes Released Every Week!

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Now you can play the SignTasTic! Card Game
that inspired the game show.

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