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SignTasTic! aims to bridge the gap between the Deaf and the hearing worlds, by introducing people to American Sign Language, in a gameshow.


SignTasTic! connects both Deaf and hearing communities through performance, learning, and fun! 


Get inspired and learn more about the SignTasTic! Game show, the SignTasTic! card game, and the live SignTasTic! Tour! 


TV Show


Card Game


Live Tour




SignTasTic! will create stronger, more connected communities by engaging Deaf and hearing audiences in a fun way. Everyone can learn American Sign Language. Get started now!


Watch episode one here!

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Card Game

Representation matters.

All humans are made different, and all humans are beautiful.

When we open ourselves to diversity, we are able to learn from each other.


Deaf people can do everything that hearing people can do, in their daily lives, except hear. Deaf people do not perceive a “hearing loss”, they perceive a “Deaf gain”. 


The concept for SignTasTic! originated in an ASL classroom. Creator, Dan Cook, would use games as a way to motivate and engage his hearing students. With the SignTasTic! card game audiences can play with friends, family, co-workers, and classmates.


Start your ASL learning journey here.

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The SignTasTic! Road Show brings the experience of the original ASL game show to audiences everywhere by:

  • Sharing Deaf culture and exploring diverse communities across America.

  • Educating audiences with basic ASL acquisition.

  • Immersing contestants in all the thrills of a televised game show - lights, music and prizes!

Click here to book a SignTasTic! live event.

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